(Teaching) Regional Geography. Proceedings of 27th Central European Conference. 17th October 2019, Brno



Current social needs emphasize the education of a person with creative thinking, capable of not only finding problems but also solving them. Different strategies are applied in the educational process according to the society's requirements for an educated individual. On this basis, the appropriate content of education, organizational forms, didactic methods and the use of the latest didactic techniques are also determined. One way to achieve this is to introduce other teaching methods, such as inquiry-based teaching, into the teaching process. Inquiry-based learning aims to make science lessons more effective, especially at primary schools, and at the same time seeks to attract students to study them. It has an irreplaceable role in new, modern and successful ways of teaching science. The aim of the paper is to design methodological sheets in the 5th year of elementary school in terms of inquiry-based learning and their application to the teaching process.

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inquiry-based teaching geography, teaching proces, second level of primary school


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