Current Trends in Public Sector Research. Proceedings of the 24th International Conference



Remuneration of politicians is a relevant social issue that is worth to research. Salaries of local representatives in the Czech Republic are set by law and their size is in case of municipalities derived by municipal population. At the same time municipal councils are free to choose, how many elected officials will serve full time and get paid for that service and how many will keep their proper jobs or entrepreneurships and serve only part time and get quite symbolic remuneration. This choice may result in substantial differences in total related budget expenditure in otherwise similar municipalities.
The purpose of the paper is to describe the system of local elected officials’ remuneration and its evolution since 2010 and to analyse municipal expenditure on elected officials’ remuneration in Czech towns with 10 to 50 thousand inhabitants between 2010 to 2018.
A key part of the research is the collection of data from local government budgets, their processing and construction of appropriate indicators. Subsequently, these indicators will be analysed through the basic statistical methods resulting in comparison of the selected municipalities.


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