Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Kinanthropology. Sport and Quality of Life. 7. – 9. 11. 2019



Overweight and obese children often suffer for many physiological and psychological is-sues. Resistance training allows them to excel over their peers due to strength ability which is related to their somatotype. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of an eight-week resistance training program on body composition in overweight and obese children. Study sample included 8 boys and 4 girls (age = 11.7 ± 1.54) who were involved in an eight-week strength specifically designed program consisted of two strength training unit per week. Resistance of exercise was set on 8‒10 RM. Body composition were measured by InBody 720 two times before and after the training intervention. The Wilcoxon matched pairs test was used. Results showed increase in total body weight (2.7%), lean body mass (2.5%) and fat mass (3.7%). This effect indicates that used resistance training program is suficient to lean body mass grow. Nevertheless, program proved to be inadequate to avoid an increase in fat mass. This could be caused by many factors which should be consider in further research (e.g. longer technique practice, diet, number of training units).

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Exercise; youth; obesity; strength training


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