Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Kinanthropology. Sport and Quality of Life. 7. – 9. 11. 2019


Sport participation should not be observed as protective against smoking and drinking in adolescence; cross-sectional cluster-based analysis in Croatian southern regions

Rok vydání: 2020


Purpose: Sport participation in adolescence is frequently observed as being protective against consumption of psychoactive substances (e.g. cigarettes and alcohol), but limited number of studies directly examined this problem while simultaneously observing consump-tion of cigarettes and alcohol. The aim of this study was to evidence the possible associations which may exist between different factors explaining participation in sports, and consumption of cigarettes and alcohol in adolescents from Croatia.<br />Methods: The sample comprised 436 adolescents from coastal regions in Croatia (202 fe-males) aged 15–17 years who were tested by previously validated closed structured ques-tionnaire on sport factors (experience in sports [four point scale from “never participated” to “ > 5 years”], sport competitive achievement [four point scale ranging from “never competed” to “national/international competitive achievement”], number of sport training sessions per week [four point scale ranging from “didn’t participate” to “sometimes even twice a day”]), cigarette smoking (four point scale ranging from “never smoked” to “more than 10 cigarettes per day”), and alcohol consumption (measured by Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test – AUDIT). Cluster analysis calculated on the basis of cigarette smoking and AUDIT results was used to form homogenous groups (substance misuse clusters – SMC). The Kruskall Wallis analysis of variance (KWA) was calculated to identify the differences between SMC in studied sport factors.<br />Results: Four SMC were formed indicating: (i) high alcohol + high cigarettes (SMC1: n=42), (ii) high alcohol + low cigarettes (SMC2: n=115), (iii) low alcohol + low cigarettes (SMC3: n=226), and (iv) low alcohol + high cigarettes consumption (SMC4: n=53). When calculat-ed for total sample of participants, the KWA revealed significant differences among SMC, with significant post-hoc differences between SMC1 and SMC3 in all sport-factors (H test: 9.5-to-17.5, p 80% of all SMC1 members). Gender-specific KWA did not reveal significant differences among SMC in studied sport factors.<br />Conclusion: Study results do not support the theory of protective effects of sport participation against substance misuse in adolescence. Even more, there are some indices that sport par-ticipation may be observed risk factor for consumption of cigarettes and alcohol in this age group. Social acceptance of smoking and drinking in sport-society in the region is probable reason for relatively high rates of substance misuse in adolescents who are actively involved in sports.

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substance misuse; predictors; sport participation; tobacco; alcohol


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