XXIII. mezinárodní kolokvium o regionálních vědách. Sborník příspěvků



A new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread across the world from Wuhan (China) in the first quarter of 2020. The goal of our research in this paper is to map the extension of coronavirus cases across the regions of the Czech Republic and to describe the trends in dissemination within the regions. The results of a descriptive analysis of cases in the regions of the Czech Republic are reported. The survey was based on the reports by the Regional Hygiene Station of the Czech Republic The number of days to reach 100 cases in the regions, the average age of patients in the region and the median age of the population in individual regions were calculated. The number of days to reach 100 cases in a region shows in the speed of the spread of the virus in the region. The regions with the most aggressive beginning of the infection are not those currently reporting the highest numbers of infection. Concerning the division of cases into individual regions, the Prague region is the leader in absolute numbers. The Karlovarský region, together with Prague, is the most affected if taking into account the size of the population.

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regions of the Czech Republic, coronavirus