Functional Plurality of Language in Contextualised Discourse. Eighth Brno Conference on Linguistics Studies in English. Conference Proceedings. Brno, 12–13 September 2019



This paper presents the findings of a frequency analysis of modal verbs and their complementation in 390 English school-leaving essays written by Czech secondary-school students in a high-stakes B1 level exam. These constitute a learner corpus, CZEMATELC 2017. The study reveals a very high proportion of correct complementation patterns, but predominantly with lexical verbs at A1 and A2 CEFR levels. The most frequent errors are the complementation of modal verbs by past-tense forms of lexical verbs and the absence of complementation.

Klíčová slova

central modals, quasi-modals, lexical verbs, learner corpus, error patterns


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