Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Kinanthropology. Sport and Quality of Life. 7. – 9. 11. 2019



Introduction: One of the basic processes to improve stability and prevent injuries in sport is warming up. The aim of our work is to verify the impact of the first part of the training unit (warm-up) on the stability and performance of the footballer.<br />Probands: The research work was carried out on 37 football players in the category U-19 and U-17 in the football club – JUPIE football school of Marek Hamšík. Probands were divided into two groups. The test group consisted of 19 U-19 football players (age average 17.2 ± 0.87), the control group consisted of 18 U-17 football players (age average 15 ± 0.5).<br />Methods: Both groups underwent input measurement consisting of Y balance test and per-formance tests – slalom with ball, run 5 × 10m. Subsequently, the test group footballers un-derwent our intervention, myofascial release + core training, which was added to the opening part of the training unit. The study lasted 4 weeks.<br />Results: Probands of both groups achieved a statistically significant improvement in the y bal-ance test. When comparing the performance tests, they achieved significant improvement in the test group – run 5 × 10m (p = 0.0024) and slalom with the ball (p = 0.0159) and in the control group – run 5 × 10m (p = 0.0182). The improvement in slalom with the ball test in the control group was not statistically significant (p = 0.1798).<br />Conclusion: We have shown a significant effect of core exercises and myofascial release at the beginning of the training unit. However, the benefit was also achieved in the control group, except for the test - slalom with the ball.

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postural stability; Y balance test; core training; myofascial release; football


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